EconFact: $,$$$,$$$ Blogs

Basically how I feel

Basically how I feel


New York Fashion week is abound and the most amazing thing I dissevered besides Kanye West being at a college campus is that some fashion bloggers earn seven figures (which is about at least a dollar per unique visitor on a good month). But that’s not just a sole outlier, around 2% of the top bloggers make it big and blogs are valued and bought just as any other media property would be.


For example, advertising on blogs is almost a billion dollar industry. There is an expo called “BlogWorld” and successful fashion bloggers can easily churn out book deals while still in their twenties.



Some brief observations of successful bloggers:

  • They have had professional writing experience before. After all, you come for the pithy content and stay for the hyperlinks.
  • They focus on an opinionated niche. Hell, Groupon started out as blog for discounted restaurants before becoming a startup.
  • You keep writing. And writing. And writing.
  • Don’t forget, marketing, marketing, and marketing.


Takeaway: Paul doesn’t do this for the money.




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