EconFact 09/03: El Dinero Habla

Happy Tuesday everybody!
Usually, being fifth place in anything is not a good thing but in the case for the small, Spanish-language movie “Instructions not Included”, it’s pretty remarkable.
The movie earned $10 million over Labour Day weekend beating out Hollywood films like “Elysium”, “The Mortal Instruments” and “Getaway” (granted, those movies aren’t very good).
The movie follows Eugenio Derbez, Mexico’s “Jim Carrey”, as an aging playboy learning to reconcile with his daughter.
As the U.S. population becomes increasingly more diversified, with Hispanics as 16.9% of the overall U.S. population and growing, “Instructions not Included” success follows increasing trends in the United States that language is not necessarily a barrier to mainstream success; Univision, a Spanish-language broadcast channel, beat out FOX and ABC to be the most viewed network for adults 18-34 which has traditionally been the most coveted demographic. Furthermore, there are some theories that speculate Hollywood has already recognized this trend and have adapted to simpler dialogue, sequels, and racially-diverse cast to adapt to racially diverse audiences.
Takeaway: “Instructions not Included”‘s box-office surprise shouldn’t be all that surprising given demographic shifts.


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